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"Tulsa has never looked more vibrant on film than it does in HOME, JAMES..." THE TULSA WORLD


"HOME, JAMES tells a simple story within the framework of a much larger, important story and is highly worthwhile."  CINEMA HEAD CHEESE


"Mr. Rossetti’s use of split screens also smartly suggests the different directions his characters are taking."

"A small, gentle riff on the eternal tug of war between small towns and big dreams, “Home, James” has winning performances by Julie Gearheard and Rick Dacey as friends of James..." THE NEW YORK TIMES


"Made for just $50,000 raised via a Kickstarter campaign, Home, James is a fine example of making more with less." THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


"Though Cooper says at one point, “This place isn’t bringing out the best in me anymore,” the contrary proves true for its writing/directing duo who not only created a strong showcase for themselves, but for their home state as well."  MOVEABLEFEST.COM


"A stirring, emotional, hilarious and — most importantly — honest vision of the complexities and deceptive simplicity of love and the bliss of finding one’s place in the world." RENEGADECINEMA.COM



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Julie and Jonathan on Good Day Tulsa

Julie Gearheard and Jonathan Rossetti on News On 6